Arizona Wild Horses

Location: Mesa, AZ

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The Arizona Wild Horses live in one of the most unique landscapes for wild horse photography. Young foals learn early on in life to navigate the river that they will know as their home. When the horses are not in the water, they are surrounded by a landscape of Saguaro cactus or small forests of Mesquite trees. The scenery here is truly beautiful.

This workshops occurs in the midst of Arizona's Monsoon season, so there is always the potential for dramatic landscape images. Prior to heading out in the field to locate the horses, we will provide information about wild horse herd dynamics as well as camera settings that will get you that ideal environmental wildlife image.

Day 1: Hosted meet and greet dinner

Day 2 & 3: Approximately 8 hours per day out in the field. Days are split into 1 morning session and 1 afternoon session, each day.

Day 4: One sunrise / morning session. Workshop will conclude around 9am to get back to area hotels in time for check-out.

- Our workshops are always fully permitted 

Limited to 6 participants | Workshop FAQ

Utah Wild Horses

Location: Tooele, UT

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The Utah wild horses have quickly become a favorite among photographers. They are a very active herd, and their diverse coat colors make for nice images. The workshop timing has been coordinated with breeding season, which means stallions actively engaging and competing with other stallions for breeding rights. It also means curious new foals are around as well as fresh spring colors on the ground. Prior to heading out in the field to locate the horses, we will be providing instruction on camera settings and teaching about wild horse herd dynamics so you can get that ideal wildlife action image. 

Day 1 - Hosted meet and greet dinner in Tooele, Utah

Day 2 & 3 - Approximately 8+ hours out in the field each day, including sunset both days. The workshop will conclude after sunset.

Limited to 6 participants | Workshop FAQ

      As part of the photography workshop registration, participants agrees to the following; LIABILITY RELEASE Bristow Images Photography Workshop Lori and Brad Bristow, Bristow Images, welcomes you to our photography workshop.  AGREEMENT (1) Loss or Damage to Personal Property of a Workshop Participant: Bristow Images, or any of its affiliated companies, owners, employees or agents shall not be responsible for the loss or damage to a customer’s personal property. Participant brings any of their property to the workshop at their own risk. (2) Injury: All participation is done at the risk of the participant, and Bristow Images is not responsible for any personal injury arising wherefrom. Participant attests that he/she is in good medical condition and physically capable to perform activities consistent with a photography workshop. Any deposit or workshop balance fees paid shall be considered non-refundable. Trip insurance is recommended. In the event you can not attend after registering, you may be eligible for a partial refund, up to 80%,  if your workshop space was able to be filled by another attendee. Workshop balances due 30 days prior to the start of any workshop.

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