Q: Can I bring my significant other who is not a photographer?

A: Yes, but they will have to register as well. Our permit is charged per person. Contact me for pricing. Please Note: Non photographer means no photos, not even cell phone cameras.

Q: Can I bring my drone?

A: No, drones are not permitted.

Q: What's the best lens to bring? 

A: Bring them all. Personally, I have used a variety of focal lengths at all workshop sites, you never know if there is a wide angle landscape shot that you want to capture, or you are looking for close ups of the wildlife. If you want to rent a lens, I would recommend a 70-200 or longer.

Q: How far do I have to drive?

A: Utah Workshop - its about an hour one way from Tooele. From there we venture out on the dirt roads looking for the horses. 

A: Arizona Workshop - its about 20 minutes one way from Mesa, AZ.

Notes regarding the Arizona Workshop

It's very hot in Arizona this time of year. For this reason, we start our day before sunrise and take a long break mid-day. We are back out in the field late afternoon until sunset. During the day, if you are not resting, there are many area activity ideas we can share with you to keep you plenty busy and cooler. Its also the middle of monsoon season, so keep in mind there are chances for some dramatic landscape photography, including lightning. The reason we go to Arizona during August, is that the horses are much more dependent on the river this time of year, which increases our chances of finding them quite a bit!

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